Black and EMPOWERed Podcast

Redefining the Strong Black Woman: with Dr. Jasmine Abrams and Dr. Natalie Watson-Singleton

March 8, 2022

In this episode, we interview two very special guests: Drs. Jasmine Abrams & Natalie Watson-Singleton! They have overlapping research interests in SBW… Nuances between being strong and productive, and being soft and getting rest… what does their research say? How does it play out in their lives? What about clinical practice or experience with their own personal therapists? We’ll get advice from these amazing scholars, activists, entrepreneurs that will inspire students, budding business owners, researchers and clinicians, and other SBW everywhere!

Check out Drs. Jasmine Abrams and Natalie Watson-Singletons social media below!

Dr. Jasmine Abrams LinkTree & Twitter Dr. Natalie Watson-Singleton Twitter EMPOWER Twitter & Instagram


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